Free Seminar: Team Performance Management

How bonkers did your team send you this week?

It can be daunting managing a team and knowing what to do and when; especially if things are not going well.  Instances of underperformance or poor work behaviour will cause some to confront the issue head on and lay down the law while others will take the path of least resistance and shy away from action as they are unsure what they can reasonably expect from employees, what they can say, how to say it and so on.  Over time, lack of action generally leads to frustration and resentment builds.  This can result in a rather ugly and risky blow up when it all becomes too much.

With this in mind, we invite you to attend our lunchtime seminar on performance management where we will cover items such

  • Employer responsibility (you don’t want a 6-figure fine now do you?)
  • How to communicate workplace performance and behaviour expectations
  • What to do when team actions are not aligned with expectations

Know someone that could benefit from this? Please feel free to share. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more, we look forward to hearing from you!

People are multidimensional with an intricate history of individual experiences, personality, skills and knowledge.  Managing team performance fluctuations is part of the challenge of being a leader and an ongoing learning process of how to bring out the best in someone individually, and collectively, as a team.

When: Monday 25th June 12:30-1:30pm

Where: Focus HR, with a catered lunch!

Cost: FREE

LEAP Program

In a setting of 6-8 participants LEAP is the perfect opportunity for organisational leaders and managers at any level – from CEO, General Manager, Senior Manager to Team Leaders and Supervisors. This program also stimulates inspirational development for aspiring future leaders.

Toowoomba HR Forum

The Toowoomba HR Forum was founded in 2006 by our very own HR Consultant, Shaylene Harth. Whether you are in HR – in-house or consulting, recruitment, operations, legal, WHS, rehabilitation, medical or the education and training sectors, everyone is welcome to attend and enjoy the opportunity to meet and network, participate in discussions and learn from others.  The variety of perspectives, experiences and knowledge presented at each forum is diverse and endless! 
With a guest speaker every meeting, the Toowoomba HR Forum runs the second Thursday of every second month, commencing in February and running through to December each year.  Each forum runs from 7:30AM – 8:30AM and is held at The Engine Room Café, Toowoomba, the perfect opportunity to enjoy a delicious breakfast out.  Invitations are emailed to registered attendees prior to each forum with the RSVP contact being Shaylene.

To receive upcoming forum information, click here.