Has an injury, illness or dangerous incident occurred at your business? If this is the case, you may be legally required to notify Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) about the details of what occurred. Also, to prevent reoccurrence, an incident investigation should be conducted.


Here are the first 3 steps to take to ensure your initial response is effective:
1)  As quickly possible, ensure that the person(s) involved is assessed by a trained first aid provider or, if the injury is serious, seek medical treatment at a local medical centre, hospital or by dialling 000;
2)  Ensure the location of the incident is safe and secured and that the immediate needs of those involved in the incident are met. Immediate needs may include:

  • first aid/medical treatment
  • emergency evacuation
  • counselling or other personal support.

3)  Ensure WHS legislative requirements are met including reporting of notifiable incidents (see below) and preserving the incident site (don’t move anything and don’t allow access to the incident site if it was a serious incident).
4)  Check your relevant workplace policies, procedures, processes and systems and make sure you take any immediate actions required to meet the obligations set out in those.

Points to Note:

  • if a ‘notifiable incident’ has occurred, you need to notify WHS Queensland as soon as reasonably practicable after you become aware that the incident requires notification.
  • a ‘notifiable incident’ is defined by WorkSafe QLD (the complete list can be seen here)


Once these initial steps have been taken, you need to focus on the investigation and corrective action/response measures.

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