If you have just received a notification from WorkCover that a claim has been lodged, or been given a WorkCover related Medical Certificate, you need to take appropriate action to respond.  You may choose to support or challenge the WorkCover claim. 


Either way, the first steps to take are:
  Check whether the incident leading up to the WorkCover claim was reported through the appropriate channels.  If there is no written incident report, ask the relevant Supervisors/Managers on duty for their recollection of the event.

2)  Ensure that an appropriate workplace investigation is initiated if there was a workplace incident leading to the claim.

3)  Check the dates and details on the related medical documentation and ensure that any restrictions listed are adhered to.


Points to note:

  • An employer in Queensland whose worker sustains an injury for which compensation may be payable must, within 8 working days, lodge an employer report with WorkCover Queensland.
  • Whilst waiting for WorkCover to assess the claim (this can take up to 20 working days), it is important to follow the recommendations on the medical certificate to ensure the best possible chance of the person being rehabilitated.
  • Don’t delay in setting up a suitable duties plan and if you are unsure if you can provide suitable duties, discuss your concerns with the WorkCover case manager, as host employer arrangements can be put in place.


The rehabilitation of an injured employee can have a direct impact on your WorkCover insurance premiums and seeking expert assistance can minimise claim costs. 

Focus HR can assist you with:

a)  Lodging an Employer Report with WorkCover;

b)  WorkCover case management;

c)  Identifying suitable duties for injured employees;

d)  Developing a suitable duties plans;

e)  Liaising with WorkCover and medical practitioners; and

f)  Disputing a claim that you feel isn’t justified.

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