Busy being busy

Busy. Crazy busy. Got a lot on. So much to do.

It's a feeling most of us know too well. But is it time we looked at the word from a new perspective?


What would change if you made it a priority in your business to view 'busy' as a red flag?

This would require a huge shift in perspective for most businesses, because as a society we glorify 'busy'. We feel its crushing pressure but also wear it like a badge of honour.  We hate feeling busy, but, oh my, don't we love telling people about it.

How are we going? Busy, mate, really busy.

Here's the confronting question - is 'busy' an excuse? 

If we are being absolutely hand-on-heart honest, do we ever say we're 'too busy' to give ourselves a free pass on doing the things we know need to be done but don't make time to do?

Are we so busy being busy, that we aren't getting traction on the big-ticket items that would actually make a significant difference in our work? Does rushing from spotfire to spotfire give us an unassailable excuse to never get to the tricky work that we haven't quite worked out how to attack yet?

If we find ourselves often using the term 'busy', perhaps it is time to follow up with 'what needs to change?'.

And what about that red flag?

Maybe if you are hearing the term 'busy' a lot in your business, but you aren't really moving the needle, it might flag that you have some work to do on your strategic goals and setting the priorities and action plans that will get you there.

Carving out the time to make a plan, and putting accountabilities in place to ensure you stick to it, might feel impossible but sometimes you have to get more busy in the short term to end up less busy in the long term.

Being too busy doesn't feel good. And it is hard to take on the planning that will get you through it at exactly the moment that you have the fewest resources to deal with more work.  But imagine for a minute how amazing it would feel to have a new answer when asked 'How are you going?'.

Productive, mate, really productive.