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HR Consultant

Shaylene has been a human resources professional with both public and private local organisations since 2001.  Shaylene has a broad range of experience having worked most recently in the oil and gas sector and prior to this in manufacturing (meat and commercial refrigeration).  In this time she has undertaken a variety of human resources positions at both the operational and corporate level and travelled nationally to execute strategic initiatives and educate business unit members on how to effectively develop and manage their work teams.

Shaylene is passionate about identifying and establishing a structure that works for an organisation and supporting this with quality resources and education.  This focus contributed to a nomination for which Shaylene was a finalist for the 2006 AIM Young Manager of the Year.

Shaylene’s tertiary qualifications are from the University of Southern Queensland with a Bachelor of Science (Psychology), Graduate Certificate (majoring in HRM) and Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. Shaylene holds a Certificate IV – Training and Assessment and has also held qualifications for and practised as a Workplace Health & Safety Officer and Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator.