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HR and Marketing Consultant
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HR and Marketing Consultant

Tamara has fine-tuned her HR, marketing and strategy skills in fantastic local businesses, not-for-profits and government organisations. She has held management and executive positions across industries as diverse as construction, engineering, natural resource management, health and social services. There is not much that surprises her in HR anymore, but still plenty of things that excite her.

Tamara has been a national trainer for Australia's second largest organisation, is a sought-after mentor for business leaders, and an entertaining facilitator and presenter.

In Tamara's mind, good HR and strategy are inseparable, so she is your go-to for culture building, communication, change management and creating the quick wins for increased performance and productivity. 

Her enthusiasm for everything is hard to resist and she can get even the most hardened teams on board with the ideas that excite her. She'll not only talk you around to her way of thinking on otherwise dry topics like 'alignment', 'differentiators' and 'process redesign' - she'll have your team motivated to get involved!

Tamara loves her husband and sons, her bulldogs and Bega Cheese Stringers.

Mostly, but not always, in that order.