Emotions can lead to our worst decisions or our best ones: the difference comes from applying our Emotional Intelligence (EI). 

Do you know your level of Emotional Intelligence?

The effectiveness of Leaders in an organisation is a direct driver of business success.  Leadership is fundamentally about facilitating high performance in others.  There is a direct link between the way people feel and the way people perform at work. 
An individual’s leadership style will significantly impact on clarity of vision, teams working towards a common goal and the level of engagement, motivation and drive to perform for each and every employee.  This means leaders need to be skilful at facilitating emotions that drive high performance and minimising those that diminish it.

Great leaders respond carefully even in the face of challenge and truly connect with people.  They are proactive, balanced, operate with integrity and authenticity, inspire trust and confidence, and have great insight into themselves and others.  All these come from a set of skills called EI.

EI is the ability to perceive, understand, reason with and manage their own and others’ feelings. 

These skills are learnable, measurable and are valuable at work – especially in complex roles.  EI skills assist in engaging people, influencing across boundaries and cultures, being proactive, caring for customers, building enduring sales relationships, and creating workplaces where people can excel.


At Focus HR we use the Genos Model of Emotional Intelligence to measure the frequency with which individuals exhibit emotionally intelligent behaviour in the workplace.  This unique tool invites a self-assessment from the participant as well as ratings from nominated raters – effectively providing 180o or 360o feedback as part of the process.  These ratings are based on the seven skills of EI as depicted in the EI model.

Participants can chose from a number of development options including:

  • 360° Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Feedback Report – Designed for middle to senior leadership development;
  • Emotional Intelligence Leadership Feedback Report – Designed for front-line leaders or supervisor development; and
  • Enhancement Kit – Designed for continued support and leadership development in the work environment.

At Focus HR we believe that leaders are not born, they are made.  Every great leader has skills that have been developed over time.  Emotional Intelligence recognises that these skills can be nurtured and grown regardless of age and regardless of where you currently fall on the EI scale.  You can always improve your EI and thus improve your performance as a leader and your success in the workplace as well as the success, motivation and engagement of your employees.

To understand more about EI and how it can provide a profound benefit to your business, please don’t hesitate to contact Focus HR ...


What our clients say ...

As business owners, we are continually looking for ways to improve ourselves and our leadership skills. We recently engaged Focus HR to undertake Emotional Intelligence profiling on our leadership group as part of that continual improvement process. The team from Focus HR were exceptional in the insight they provided. Their feedback allowed each of us to work on certain areas we needed to improve and their knowledge helped us develop skills to improve our EI. I would highly recommend the EI testing to all business leaders looking to foster better relationships with their staff.

Dan Gabbett, Director, Robertson Scannell