Enterprise Agreements are registered agreements made between an employer and employees about the terms and conditions of their employment. They are tailored to meet the needs of a particular business and their staff while ensuring the base compliance ‘safety net’ of minimum pay rates and employment conditions are met.

At Focus HR we understand that sometimes legislation and Awards can be quite confusing, and for a business, this can make general compliance complicated. Enterprise Agreements, when done effectively, can simplify employment conditions within the workplace.

Our experienced consultants have the expertise and knowledge to assist you in creating or renewing Enterprise Agreements for your workplace. We base our services on our wide range of industry knowledge and practical real-world solutions for business, so our assistance is structured in a manner that focuses on your individual needs while ensuring your agreement is compliant and properly registered.

Focus HR can assist with the process of enterprise bargaining and will ensure that you understand the rules, procedures and potential outcomes of enterprise bargaining and the formation of enterprise agreements.
For some simple information on the Enterprise Agreement process, or to discuss whether or not this is the right option for your organisation ...