Having the right systems, procedures and tools in place is an important step to effective and efficient HR.

We provide you with simple, practical, easy-to-use tools in the form of an HR Management Manual, HR Policies Manual and Employee Handbook.


You can’t afford to reinvent the wheel each time you write a letter of offer, or confirm someone’s probation or check someone’s pay rates.

Our HR Management Manual systematically provides checklists, templates and procedures for each step of the employment life cycle, complete with training on how to use it. 

Our HR Management Manual is based on compliance and best practice, but we still take the time to tailor it closely to your needs, culture and approach to your people.

Our manual includes procedures and materials to help you manage areas such as:

  • commencement
  • probation
  • change
  • discipline
  • termination
  • resignation

Policies play two crucial roles in any business: ensuring compliance that protects your business and clearly stating what is expected of staff and what they can expect in return.

It is not enough to have a copy of the Award(s) available for staff to read.

Our HR Policy Manual provides a comprehensive set of policies tailored to your business approach and expectations. It will be an invaluable tool in inducting your staff.

We also provide training for managers on understanding, implementing and monitoring the policies and training for staff on understanding and adhering to them.


What happens in the first hour, first day, first week of an employee’s journey with you creates a lasting impression and impact on their satisfaction. Our Employee Handbook forms the foundation of a solid induction process.

Our Employee Handbooks cover all the essential HR areas for your business, with a personalised approach to ensure that your new team members feel welcome, informed and comfortable.

What Our Clients Say ...

Focus HR have provided us with a very practical set of tools to manage the ongoing HR and compliance aspects of our business including recruitment, employment, training, performance review and other areas. We have called upon Focus HR for expert advice on rare occasions that HR challenges have arisen and the prompt, efficient and thorough responses to our needs have been impressive.

Jim Wagner, Director, (Joe Wagner Group)