Can you spot your ideal client from across the room?

Do you know what your brand promise is?

Can every person in your team articulate what differentiates you from your competitors?

A business can have the perfect product or service, delivered with their best smile, and ISO accredited quality ... but if the ideal client has no idea it exists or why to chose it over the multitude of competitors, it is all for nothing.

Focus HR provides a dynamic blend of strategic marketing expertise and marketing strategy framework to assist businesses to identify and capitalise on:

  • Words you own
  • Brand promise and guarantees (what promises do you do everything in your power to deliver?)
  • Identifying target markets
  • Differentiators for competitive advantage
  • Your X-Factor (what makes you stand out from all other contestants)

If your business is not attracting and retaining the right customers to generate revenue goals, talk to us about how we can assist in becoming more strategic in marketing the right offering to the right targets in the right way.