Strategy Services

Strategic thinking and execution planning assists you to define your goals, creating a 3-5-year business plan with the accountability of quarterly steps to see your goals become a reality. The process is interactive and engaging for your team, stepping you through outlining your goals, identifying potential roadblocks and coming up with solutions. We believe having a plan for the execution of your goals is the first step to running a successful business.


If you are not enjoying running your company it may be a cue to look at people issues, whether with a partner, customer, supplier or employee.

Relationship issues consume extensive amounts of both time and emotional energy and take your focus away from where it needs to be.


Creating a strategic plan is just the first step, the challenge when teams return to the workplace is implementation.

It's easy to fall off the horse when things get busy, so leaders often need assistance to keep the strategic priorities alive and in focus.



If revenues aren't growing as rapidly as you would like, it might be time to turn your attention to marketing.

Being able to clearly define and articulate what you are selling to whom, and why they should come to you, helps focus your team on activities that are useful to your business.




Do you have consistent sources of cash, ideally generated internally, to fuel the growth of your business?

If you struggle to answer if your business is really performing well - whether that's because you aren't sure how to read your financials or you don't have a comparison point - learning your financial indicators and levers can help.


Our two day Small Business Group Workshop brings together owners and senior managers from five local businesses in non-competing industries to share their experiences and define the direction for their businesses.

Our experienced facilitators will support you to develop a clear strategic plan and a realistic action plan.


We would love to work with you on a tailored proposal that suits you, your team and your business.

We can help choose the right workshops and training for your stage of business, your aspirations for growth and the experience of your team.  Whether you would like to start small to gauge the response from your team or you are ready to position yourself for growth, please contact us for a free no-obligation chat. 

let's make a plan...