Eloise Wendt.


Eloise certainly brings colour and fun to our world! Coming to the Focus HR team in 2017, Eloise is our Administration officer and the beautiful smile you see when you come in our front door.

A love of mornings and spur of the moment adventures has not stopped Eloise from purchasing her own home before she turned 21 – an amazing achievement. It’s proof of the determination and work ethic that she brings to our office and applies to everything she does.

Eloise has completed her Certificate III in Business Administration which has just served to make her an even more vital part of the Focus HR team. She loves that our team will always work together to get the job done.

Ask her what colour she would be and she says green, because she’s always on the go! We agree, and we are so happy she has chosen Focus HR as her place to be.

“Be a fruit loop in a world full of cheerios”

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4765 3456

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