More than just compliance consultants.

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Our vision is Inspired People, Leadership and Strategy practices in every business.

Focus HR has been a proud Toowoomba business since 2011. In that time our team has worked with over 500 businesses, building relationships with our clients which are built on mutual trust and speaking the truth.

We are more than just compliance consultants.

We have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to share it generously. We love working alongside you to ensure you have the proven tools and bold strategies you require to become an employer of choice.

The 4-Day Week

The Focus HR team is proud to have implemented a 4 Day Week in 2022.

Each member of our team now works four days per week, with different members having different ‘gift’ days off so we can maintain 100% service to our valued clients.

Did you know 63% of businesses find it easier to attract and retain talent with a 4 Day Week?

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Our Moonshot Goal


To have a positive impact on the work lives of over 100,000 people by 2030, through coaching businesses in our approach of being able to value and respect each other in our working relationships.

Take a look at how we keep our Moonshot Goal front and centre here

Our Values

As a team…

We approach all things with heart and balance

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This is reflected in how advise our clients, the way our team connects and the way we interact with our community. We first understand the angles, the perspectives, the rules and the options before deciding on the best course.

Sometimes this looks like taking the counter argument or playing devil’s advocate. At other times, it simply means trusting the process and asking the right questions.

Work and fun in equal measure

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Just like the saying ‘you don’t stop having fun because you grow old, you grow old because you stop having fun’, we believe that taking the time to celebrate, acknowledge successes and have fun keeps work engaging and rewarding. The work itself should also be rewarding, enjoyable and professionally satisfying.

If a task is not fun, then it must add value. If it’s not fun or highly valuable, it needs to be reviewed and minimised (delegate, delete or defer).

We understand the role we need to play - and are willing to play it

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We wear many different hats – the advisor, the shoulder, the voice of reason, the confidante, devil’s advocate and Jiminy Cricket. We recognise what is needed (which isn’t always the same as what is wanted) and step into that space.

Regardless of the role, we will speak the truth, even if it is inconvenient.

Because we know our strengths, we also know when to connect clients with other specialists who will serve them better.

We share the journey

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We share the trials and tribulations with our people.

We share our knowledge and learnings with those who value it.

We see our clients’ journeys as our own so we constantly learn from our clients (teach to learn) and practice what we preach.

We will only be part of the stories we are proud to tell

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We approach situations believing that people are fundamentally good and have a positive intent at heart, then we look for the win-win by finding solutions that are respectful, practical and ultimately result in a positive impact/outcome.

We will happily refer those who don’t share our people ethos to other providers.

We do our best until we know better - and then we do better

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Based on Maya Angelou’s quote, we are in the constant pursuit of excellence. Constant because we won’t allow ourselves to think we’ve made it, we will always challenge the status quo and regularly ask ‘is there a better way?’

Our curiosity keeps us informed, innovative and engaged.

Bringing strategy to life


Being able to clearly articulate your business strategy to your team is essential.

Our strategy workshops result in a ‘strategy on a page’ document which can be used in multiple ways.

Take a look at the Focus HR strategy on a page here.

We are best known for…

developing inspirational leaders, engaged teams and a strong sense of direction and purpose across organisations. After working with us, our clients believe that they can have a thriving business and feel focused and driven to succeed.

We get excited when…

great leadership and strong relationships combine with genuine motivation and drive.
It creates an absolute powerhouse of a business when people who enjoy a strong connection are all energetically pulling in the same direction and experiencing fun and success on the journey.

We believe…

it shouldn’t be this hard – we are on a mission to help people harness the power of finding mutual ground in their working relationships. If people are on the same page; understand each other’s drivers and values and have each other’s best interests in mind, winning people, culture and teams happen.

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