More than just compliance consultants.

Get to know us

Focus HR has been a proud Toowoomba business since 2011. In that time our team has worked with over 300 businesses, building relationships with our clients which are built on mutual trust and speaking the truth.

We are more than just compliance consultants. Our big picture focus includes the key elements of People, Leadership and Strategy, ensuring that we provide you and your team with solutions for every step of the employment journey, from hire to retire.

We have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to share it generously. We love working alongside you to ensure you have the proven tools and bold strategies you require to become an employer of choice.

Our Vision

Our big game is to have a positive impact on the work lives of over 100,000 people by 2030 through coaching businesses in our approach of being able to value and respect each other in our working relationships.

Our Values

As a team…

We approach all things with heart and balance

Work and fun in equal measure

We understand the role we need to play - and are willing to play it

We share the journey

We will only be part of the stories we are proud to tell

We do our best until we know better - and then we do better

Our life mottos…

Real connections matter

Make your mother proud

Treat it like your own

Be generous

We are best known for…

developing inspirational leaders, engaged teams and a strong sense of direction and purpose across organisations. After working with us, our clients believe that they can have a thriving business and feel focused and driven to succeed.

We get excited when…

great leadership and strong relationships combine with genuine motivation and drive.
It creates an absolute powerhouse of a business when people who enjoy a strong connection are all energetically pulling in the same direction and experiencing fun and success on the journey.

We believe…

it shouldn’t be this hard – we are on a mission to help people harness the power of finding mutual ground in their working relationships. If people are on the same page; understand each other’s drivers and values and have each other’s best interests in mind, winning people, culture and teams happen.

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