Leading Change – A Leading Teams Workshop

Zoom - Leading Change

Getting change management right is critical for businesses, and managers play a pivotal role in this process. This session will look at planning change, communicating effectively, identifying potential hurdles before they arise, gauging and responding to their team member’s reactions to change and, as the change process draws to a close, moving on to managing […]

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Empowering Your People – A Leading Teams Workshop

Zoom - Empowering Your People

Empowering your people, delegating decision making and encouraging autonomy are common catch cries in today’s progressive workplaces. But what does it actually mean? This workshop will explore exactly that and provide insights and practical tips on how to establish a framework and guidelines within which empowerment, autonomy and effective decision making can flourish. Agenda Foundations […]

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Managing Poor Performance and Conduct – A Leading Teams Workshop

Zoom - Managing Poor Performance and Conduct

Dealing with someone who isn’t performing at the level they should be is frustrating. It’s stressful. And honestly, it can be scary when it escalates to the point of needing to let someone go. This interactive workshop gives a solid understanding of what poor performance and conduct is and why it occurs, the 3 steps […]

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Good Leadership Habits – Nailing the Day to Day – A Leading Teams Workshop

Zoom - Good Leadership Habits

Traditional leadership training typically focuses on ‘big picture’ goals, but often what you need is managers who get the day-to-day stuff right – things like planning, problem solving, record keeping, checking in with the team. We’ll cover how to create good leadership habits so managers know what is going on in their team, what they need […]

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Empowering through Effective Delegation – A Leading Teams Workshop

Zoom - Empowering through Effective Delegation

Delegation is too often not done well or not done at all. Surprisingly, delegation is not a skill that comes naturally to most. We’ll cover why and when to delegate and how to create conditions for success, including giving clear, unambiguous instructions, setting expectations and uncovering and removing the barriers to productivity. We’ll also look […]

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