DATES – Our next workshop will be held 18-19 July 2024.

COST – $9,550 + GST for up to 3 people from your business

Places are limited.

The most important two days you’ll have this year

Twice yearly, we offer a limited number of places in our popular Group Business Strategy Program.

We are currently accepting applications for our July 2024 intake!

This program brings together owners and senior managers from five different businesses, in non-competing industries.

The program is in a group format very much by design. By participating alongside other business leaders, the learnings and ideas are multiplied.  Participants learn a great deal from each other’s ‘war stories’ and are amazed by the fresh perspectives that come from peers in different industries.


1. Preparation

Your strategy needs to be well informed. In the month prior to your Strategy Workshop, we undertake an external scan and market discovery process to better understand performance benchmarks for your industry. We may also conduct employee and customer surveys to see where you are going well, and where potential improvements exist.

2. Strategy Workshop

We guide the development of your business strategy in a two-day planning workshop. You will set long-term goals, and then reverse engineer the future – distilling the goals down into actionable short-term plans. You will leave in a position to present the plan to your broader team, and the tools to get them on board.

3. Leadership Execution Coaching

We check in two weeks after the initial workshop to ensure you have stayed on track. We then provide monthly follow ups. This coaching is a critical ingredient for our program’s success. The continual accountability and support for the execution of your strategic plan is what makes it come to life.

4. Quarterly Reviews

The program includes three half-day, quarterly Review and Reset Sessions, when the group comes back together. These reviews are great for accountability, learning and motivation, taking you all the way through your first 12 months.

5. Toolkit

We will set you up for success with project implementation and communication tools. These best practices for executing your business strategy will ensure you bring your team along for the ride.

6. Alumi

One of the most surprising things you’ll gain is the networking with your cohort, with powerful, enduring relationships beyond the length of the program.

Don’t leave your business success to chance

Some organisations are good at holding an annual strategy day, but after this starburst of inspiration, things return to business-as-usual pretty quickly, as there is no implementation plan or accountability.

An actionable business strategy provides a bulletproof roadmap for: where you want to go; and how you will get there.

Whether you are wanting to increase profitability, improve productivity, increase your market share, improve team cohesion, or reduce reliance on a key person (possibly you!), you need a plan, and the tools to execute it effectively.



Clarify your vision and direction. Create an actionable business strategy.


Tools for creating a focused team, with everyone pulling in the same direction.


Consistent leadership coaching ensures strategy is executed effectively.