• Do you know where you want your business to be in 3 to 5 years?
  • Do you struggle to meet goals, even in the short-term?
  • Do you struggle with turning the 'big picture' into a practical plan of attack?

Strategic thinking and execution planning assists you to define your goals, creating a 3-5-year business plan with the accountability of quarterly steps to see your goals become a reality. The process is interactive and engaging for your team, stepping you through outlining your goals, identifying potential roadblocks and coming up with solutions. We believe having a plan for the execution of your goals is the first step to running a successful business.

Do you know what your next step is? Getting expert advice means that you know what you need to do, bringing your goals within reach.

Focus HR’s strategic planning workshops help you to clearly identify your long-term goals and aspirations and then break that down into manageable, actionable pieces.  We then work with you at regular intervals to provide hands-on support, guidance and accountability to ensure the best chance of achieving your goals.

The sessions are especially beneficial for small to medium businesses and can be highly effective for individual departments in larger organisations.

Each session is tailored to your business or department. One of the main aims is to help you manage your every day workflow more effectively, allowing you and your team to focus on the activities that positively impact your business bottom-line. This inevitably leads to freeing up the time for you to start working on your business, rather than just in it.




Our Strategy Journey...

Four years after opening the business, I had grown from a part-time sole operator to a team of 5.  I had started to feel like the day-to-day approach to decision making; while successful so far; was no longer enough, mainly because I took the responsibility for the livelihoods of individuals in the team seriously.  And so, I began to look for assistance in how to become more strategic in business.  After a lot of searching, and hearing numerous horror stories, I was introduced to a strategic consultant that I felt I could trust.  We brought the whole team together for an initial strategic planning session and have not looked back since. 

Having a strategic plan developed, revised and monitored by the whole team has meant that everyone knows what we want to achieve, we all pull in the same direction, and every person knows how their role contributes to the greater goal.  We’ve developed an awesome rhythm of annual strategic planning days, quarterly review and reset sessions and monthly check ins. This rhythm has meant that we don’t just have a fancy plan on paper – we have a living, breathing approach to how we do business that is front of mind for all of us. 

The results we have achieved definitely make the effort worthwhile.  We’ve implemented ever-increasing efficiency measures, developed innovative new products and services and exceeded our financial goals.  This has also been a massive contributing factor to being successful in both local and national business accolades as we have won the Chamber Business Excellence Awards for 3 years running and, most recently, the Australian Small Business Champions Award for Business Services in 2018. Having lived the process for over 3 years now, I strongly recommend getting an effective strategic plan and implementation process in place to any business that wants to be great at what they do.


Naomi Wilson, Founding Director, (Focus HR)