Kath Dickson Family Centre.

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“We renewed our relationship with Focus HR very recently because the organisation found itself in a position where we needed to undertake a major restructure. There had been staff changes at management level and a forensic analysis of where the organisation was at told us that we needed to do something if we wanted to be around for another 47 years. So of course who are you going to turn to? We’re going to turn to Focus HR, the experts in the field. And gained really valuable assistance through that process. Right down to helping us with the analysis stage, helping us to make the decisions, helping us with all of the documentation, the scripts, everything that goes with what would have otherwise been a really traumatic experience. It made it as positive as an experience like that can be when you find yourself having to reduce your workforce dramatically.

We’re really grateful for that, because it happened as seamlessly as it possibly could have. We’re very fortunate, and we really do owe a debt of gratitude to Focus HR for that.”

Debby Mogg – CEO, Kath Dickson Family Centre

“The foundation of the culture here at Kath Dickson Family Centre is about relationships. It’s about relationships within the team, in the community, with our business partners, just like Focus HR.”