Ever felt like you need to be a CPA to understand your financial statements?

Are you constantly working harder but profit margin is stagnant or in decline?

Do you generate consistent cash flow to nurture the growth of your business?

Growth sucks cash.  And most business owners struggle to understand their profit & loss statement, let alone cash flow analysis.

Our Strategic Cash workshops are delivered by business owners, for business owners.  We help businesses to:

  • Gain insight into how industry peers are performing through business performance benchmarking;
  • Understand which levers to pull to have the greatest impact on your cash flow using the Power of One
  • Gain insight into practical financial indicators using Alan Miltz's Cash Flow Story
  • Identify cash acceleration strategies
  • Understand your cash conversion cycle (CCC) - the amount of days it takes between when you spend a dollar to when it comes back into your bank account

If your business is pushing hard for results but your bank balance isn't showing it, talk to us about how to take a look behind the books.