Have you ever written a plan that sits in your bottom draw gathering dust?

Do you have heaps of great ideas that never seem to come to fruition?

Do you struggle with holding yourself and others accountable to actually deliver on plans?

Implementation is more important than the perfect strategic plan.

That is why we focus strongly on not only setting a powerful strategic plan, but also on what tools, techniques and disciplines are needed to make that plan become a reality.

It is not uncommon for teams to fall back into the rhythm of 'business as usual' when they get back to the office or workshop after a planning session.  At Focus HR, we combine a series of best practice approaches as well as our own real-life experience to help teams develop, implement and sustain the types of disciplines that results in successful execution and achievement of goals.

Our execution workshops focus in on:

  • The Rockefeller Habits (never underestimate the power of a simple checklist);
  • Effective meeting rhythms to help your team pulse faster;
  • Project planning tools to turn ideas into clearly defined action plans with allocated responsibilities;
  • Quarterly review and reset sessions to keep teams focused on the goal and celebrating success; and
  • Coaching leaders though the implementation of strategy.

You know you have execution issues if:

  • There are seemingly inexplicable ongoing errors and dramas;
  • Everyone seems to be working hard and spinning the hamster wheel faster with no change in the end result; and
  • You aren't exceeding industry average profitability no matter how hard you work.

If any of these apply to your business, contact us to discuss how execution discipline can see your business grow.