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“We came across Focus HR, basically through word of mouth. I’m very big on relationships. And I will just pick up the phone or send an email out to my crew and say, ‘Look, we’re chasing someone. Has anyone got any idea?’ So as a result of that, we were referred to Focus HR. We had some conversations and initial meetings and phone conversations. We felt that Focus HR were the best fit for us. We did speak with other firms. We just loved that Focus HR ‘get’ us.

With 20 staff, we need to make sure that we’re doing everything correctly. The rules change so much. We know that we need to rely on experts who are across all the legislation. In the last 12 months with COVID, we have never read so much legislation in our lives. So we understand that changing legislation is important to take notice of. So for us a firm that had a great reputation such as Focus HR, someone that was referred to us, was a really a great starting point.”

Pauline Pickering – Director, Globe Accounting

“We actually went looking for policies and procedures, but actually we’re very, very pleased to find someone who could give us a hand with the strategy and overall direction of the firm. We do a lot of work in that strategy place, but it’s really just having – as we’ve always said in this firm – three heads are better than one.”

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