Hope Horizons.

Diminishing the impact of cancer.

How Hope Horizons turned a blurred vision into clearly defined goals with Focus HR’s Strategy Program.

Hope Horizons Cancer Wellness Centre has had an incredible impact in the Toowoomba region since opening it’s doors in 2017. As a majority-volunteer run charity, its volunteers are fiercely passionate about offering important services at no cost to their clients with the vision of diminishing the impact cancer has on the lives of those affected by it.

Hope Horizons had direction on what they wanted to achieve but were challenged by the steps that needed to happen in order to achieve their goals. After working with Focus HR, Hope Horizons were able to overcome the bumps in the road and turned their blurred vision into a clear, concise and actionable strategy.

The clarity came when we met up with Focus HR, on a number of occasions, to actually get our strategy and our values and our vision completely set in concrete… and now the future is very bright for Hope Horizons!” – Jo Capp, Board President

The impact of developing the strategy and working with Focus HR has led into a bright future for Hope Horizons. A substantial philanthropic donation has enabled the charity to purchase a new property and offer better services to their patients.