Hope Horizons.

Diminishing the impact of cancer.

“It’s really important to utilise people like Focus HR when you’re planning where you’re going to go forward with something. I mean, it’s very important for businesses, but it’s actually even more important for charities, because we’re all involved as volunteers. And our volunteer time is usually based on a passion, and not everyone that’s in the same group has that same passion. We might be all similar in our direction of how we want to achieve the things for that charity, but we really need to have a strategy on actually achieving those goals, and making sure that we’re all going along the same trajectory.

Focus HR were fantastic in making sure that we combatted all of those little bumps in the road that happen when we are so passionate about something, and we might have a bit of a blurred vision as to what our actual goals will be. So the clarity came when we met up with Focus HR, on a number of occasions, to actually get our strategy and our values and our vision completely set in concrete.”

Jo Capp – President, Hope Horizons Cancer Wellness Centre Board

“Hope Horizons has a massive future, and thanks to the strategy that we worked on with Focus HR, we have now been gifted an enormous amount of money which has enabled us to purchase a new property. Without knowing exactly where we wanted to head, we wouldn’t have been able to make that ask, and now the future is very bright for Hope Horizons!”

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