MOA Benchmarking.

Better. Together.

“We heard about the Engaged People Program Bursary through the Business Excellence Awards last year, so we were applying for different categories that we thought were suitable for us, and we saw the Engaged People Program and thought it looked like a good fit.

When we were applying, we were at a point in our business where we’d just started to hit that period of really big growth. We were transitioning out of that small business with two to three full time employees into a team of 13-14 and we were beginning to have those teething issues that you tend to get at that stage. That prompted us to look at a program like the EPP and we decided it would be really timely for us to have a go at that.

Our expectations when we started the program were around building a cohesive team. We’d begun to have – as we’d grown – sort of siloing out different parts and different operational units of the business, and we were starting to lose some of that team dynamic and cohesiveness with that and lose some of that overall vision and direction with the team. Our expectations going in were that we would be able to foster that community and rebuild some of that community feel that we’d lost a bit as the business had grown, and also to get some direction around where we were planning to go with the business over the next five to 10 years.”

David Sanders – Operations Manager, MOA Benchmarking

“Our expectations have absolutely been met. It’s probably above and beyond what we would expect to have achieved out of the program in the first six months, even despite a few of the challenges we’ve had internally in that time. So, it’s been really great in that sense.”