• Are you aware of which Acts, guidelines and codes cover health and safety in your workplace?
  • Do your Managers know what to do in the case of a workplace incident?
  • Are your WHS systems hindering your chance of winning that big tender opportunity?

With constant changes in legislation and the never ending opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others, Work Health and Safety (WHS) can be a confusing and complex field, particularly for small to medium business Owners.  Workplaces without a safety culture run the risk of hefty fines, but more importantly, the risk of injury to their people.


Compliance can be an area that is overlooked due to its complexity. Often, it is after an incident occurs that the business discovers that there are gaps in their systems. Ignorance is not a defence for non-compliance and a systematic WHS audit will identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. We will visit you on-site to understand your operation and you will receive a full written report and a face to face meeting to discuss the audit findings. We will assist you in developing an action plan, using a risk based approach to prioritise the actions.


Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) originated in the Construction Industry for high risk work, but are now utilised in many workplaces for high risk tasks that are conducted.

The principle purpose of a SWMS is to assist supervisors, workers and other parties at a workplace to understand the requirements that have been established, through consultation, to work in a safe way.

The SWMS sets out the work activities in a logical sequence, identify potential hazards and defining control measures. If a SWMS is required, then it must be completed prior to the work activity commencing.

Focus HR can assist your business in the preparation, use and review of SWMS to ensure the safety of your workforce.


A Safety Management System (SMS) is a systematic way to identify hazards and control risks in the workplace whilst ensuring that the selected risk controls are effective.

The primary purpose of the SMS is to reduce risk as far as reasonable practicable. A SMS should be seen as a framework that, as a minimum, allows an organisation to meets its legal obligations under work health and safety laws.

In consultation with you, we can develop a Safety Management System to meet your ethical, legal and financial obligations.


Every day, new WHS challenges arise that can seem overwhelming, such as WorkCover claims, external audits, tender documents and third party certification just to name a few. As a WHS Solutions partner, we can advise you on these issues and create the required policies, procedures and systems needed to keep you compliant.


To help you understand your obligations and how compliant you are ...

What Our Clients Say ...

We have been working with Focus HR for several years now, for our HR needs. Right from the outset we knew we were in good hands with their expert knowledge and professionalism.  Recently, once we knew they provided specialised WHS services, I jumped at the opportunity to get them in to assist in updating our WPHS policy and traffic management plan.  
Focus HR spent time with us to understand our business.  Like all businesses we all have our own cultures and processes that differ from others and it is important before any work is undertaken that these things are understood.   Once they had a complete understanding of our business and what we had in place, it was very easy to work with them to ensure that not only our employment policies but also our WPHS policies are professionally up to date.
I personally cannot recommend Focus HR highly enough, with having their help, support and encouragement along the way in such an important but daunting project.

Bronwen Jeffrey, Administration Manager, (Fastway Couriers)