Australian Vinegar.

Australia’s premier vinegar manufacturer and supplier.

“We have a policy here which is if it can’t be done properly, we don’t do it at all. So we have a culture of continuous improvement and high expectations. We want things done properly. Our HR system was cobbled together from a bunch of forms that we downloaded from the internet 10 years ago. It served us well for a while but it was falling apart – it had lots of holes. We were patching it up constantly, and it just wasn’t perfect. And if we want things to be done right here, they’ve got to be done perfectly and we realised it was beyond our skill set to do it perfectly. I go to my accountant for professional accounting advice. I have a lawyer. We have an electrician, we have a boiler maker. If I need proper HR advice, I go to proper HR consultant. So I needed professional advice and simply on a referral we chose Focus HR.”

Ian Henderson – CEO, Australian Vinegar

“I now realise that you have a great team with a broad range of skills. I used to naively think that HR was HR, it’s just one thing – it can’t be that hard. Now I know it’s got many facets to it and many subsets of skills, all of which Focus HR have within their team.”