Tilly’s Crawler Parts.

Your number one choice for earthmoving parts and equipment.

Tilly’s Crawler Parts has become one of the most iconic brands in the earthmoving and excavation industry in Australia. Now with over 38 years of operation under their belt, Tilly’s has grown their team to 70 staff servicing customers across Australia.

When Tilly’s management team knew they needed to spend time really focusing on what was important to their business and what they wanted the business to stand for, they turned to Focus HR to facilitate that process. After a lot of great work, and great effort from the management group, Tilly’s got the answers they were looking for.

They were able to properly identify their values and illustrate them clearly so that everyone is now on the same page. The development of their leadership skills can be seen right through the business, and they put that down to what Focus HR has done for them.

“As far as the leadership that has developed in our business, I put that down to what Focus HR has done for us.”

Lance Hinrichsen, General Manager

Tilly’s has since been inducted into the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame (2020) and continues to work with Focus HR as long-standing business partner.