• Are you aware of which Modern Award(s) cover your employees?
  • Are you paying the correct penalty and overtime rates?
  • Do your managers know not to ask a person’s age, marital status or religion in recruitment interviews?

These are all common ‘black holes’ for employers and, given the risk of hefty fines for non-compliance, compliance is an area that businesses must keep abreast of



Our HR Audit will complete a systematic and thorough investigation of your HR practices with two key questions in mind: are you compliant and do your systems show best practice for your business size?

We work logically through every stage of the employment life cycle, from recruitment to exiting. We take the time to read the relevant legislation and cross-check it with your documents, policies and procedures.

You will receive a written report and a face-to-face meeting to discuss the audit findings. We will help you set an action plan with clear priorities based on potential risks and benefits.



Each day, a business can be faced with general compliance questions: What pay rate should this person be on? Do we need a smoking policy? What should we include in the letter of offer?

As your HR Solutions Partner, we can advise you on these questions as they arise and create the policies, letters, checklists and other materials needed to keep you compliant.

To help you understand how compliant you are ...

Click here for your FREE Employee Information Template designed to assist you keep track of your employees Wage Compliance.

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 What Our Clients Say ...

We would like to let Focus HR know how much we appreciated its services recently in performing a thorough HR Audit of Toowoomba Engineering's business practices.  It was a beneficial experience and being new business owners and new to this industry, it was very relevant for us to see and benchmark our practices.  We were thrilled to gain some little 'victories' in the report as well as highly valuing Focus HR's results and recommendations.  It was great to work through this exercise with Focus HR and we would highly recommend their services to anyone that is thinking of or needing any HR consultative process. 

Nicole Farquharson, Owner, (Toowoomba Engineering)

Having Focus HR working with me has been the best support I could ask for. Workplace relations is complex and I have always felt assured that I have received up-to-date, considered and thorough advice from Focus HR. Their professionalism, attention to detail, reliability and good humour make them a pleasure to have in the workplace and I look forward to a long, happy working relationship.

Philippa Whitman, Principal Lawyer, Chief Executive Officer, (TASC National)