The Leadership Enhance and Aspire Program (LEAP) helps managers take the leap to becoming a powerful leader in their organisation. 


LEAP will assist organisational leaders and managers at any level – from CEO, General Manager, Senior Managers to Team Leaders and Supervisors.  It is also an inspirational development opportunity for aspiring future leaders.


The program provides breadth and depth across the key skills of leadership including:

Foundations of Leadership – participants will enhance their understanding of the elements of Leadership, identify traits of good Leaders and gain an understanding of strategic thinking.

DiSC for Management – participants will gain insight into their own management styles through learning their DiSC management profile. They will discover how to create more effective relationships through directing, delegating and motivating employees with the knowledge of different personality styles in mind.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) – participants will undertake their own EI profile and be given tools and insight into EI, which impacts heavily upon leadership effectiveness.  We work on each of the 7 EI skills throughout the LEAP course.

Core People Management Skills – through workshop learning, participants will develop skills in: delivering effective feedback through robust conversations; managing under-performing employees; positive people management; managing high-potential and high-performing employees; and effectively handling workplace grievances.

Recap & Reinforce - participants will have the opportunity to recap on all that has been learned through the program.  We will ask that participants share one experience demonstrating their application of what they have learned.


We know that there are numerous manager and leader development courses advertised every day.  The key differences with our program are:

  • The individual DiSC Management Profile enables participants to apply learnings on effective delegation, direction and motivation of employees to their own particular style;
  • The EI Profile provides a unique opportunity to wrap the power of 360° feedback into the process and tailor the learnings to each participant’s strengths and areas for improvement;
  • With our workshop style sessions, including participants from different organisations, the group will gain the benefit of learning from each other’s experiences as well as the Facilitator’s knowledge; and
  • Our facilitators can be flexible in working with the group to find the best delivery schedule as we know that this can be difficult in the busy and demanding jobs that leaders hold.

Participants – become more effective leaders by gaining the ability to adapt their management style to people and situations.

Managers – develop the skills to engage and motivate people.

Teams – thrive under managers with the ability to tap into each member’s unique capabilities and motivators.

Organisations – driven to success by exceptional leaders.

  • DiSC Management profile report;
  • Emotional Intelligence 360° report and workbook;
  • One-to-one EI results debrief with a certified EI facilitator;
  • Workbooks on core people management skills areas;
  • Up to 2 hours additional one-on-one support and coaching outside of group session times;
  • Post-completion follow-up and support including the option for a further EI profile to monitor progress; and
  • Certificate of attendance.

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