Granite Belt Support Services.

Providing services to assist people with disabilities and special needs and their families and carers.

“Focus HR was someone we needed at a time when things were starting to unravel. We had become much bigger over such a short amount of time.

We really needed some guidance around restructuring, making sure we were compliant with awards, writing of contracts, adhering to those little things that are so hard to understand in those award documents. And just some guidance for us to keep focusing on and moving towards our goal.

That direction that we received from Focus HR has helped us navigate the organisation as it’s growing. And the potential now for growth is due to the support that we’ve been receiving from Focus HR. So we can actually go confidently into the future.”

Chris Macnamara & Therese Crisp – Managers, Granite Belt Support Services

“Now we feel we have a definite direction. We know where we’re going. If we do have a problem, we know we can contact Focus HR. And within a couple of days, there’s a solution to something we thought was insurmountable.”