Toowoomba Hospital Foundation.

Supporting the Darling Downs community.

“When we first came to Focus HR we were looking for an organisation that could assist us through our HR issues. We don’t actually have a person in house that is fully qualified in that area, so we really wanted to find an independent organisation that also knew a lot about us and our history and who we are as people, as well as an organisation. And Focus HR was the perfect fit. We really wanted them to come in and work with us to actually ensure that we were on the right path, that we had right contracts in place, and we basically had a safety net, if you like, that we could fall back on to ensure that everything we were doing was above board and any time we needed them, we could give them a call and Focus HR are always there for us.

Focus HR have been involved in a lot of our events, which has been fantastic, and knowing that their sponsorship dollars go to where it needs to go. Every time Focus HR sponsors something, they actually get to see the end result and know that they’re helping patients and families within our community with the dollars that they spend.”

Alison Kennedy – CEO, Toowoomba Hospital Foundation

“So as a CEO looking for an organisation that can be super supportive, Focus HR have definitely really fit the bill in relation to ensuring that not only are our HR issues dealt with, but anything we need to know in between.

We love working with them and we feel like we’re in really safe hands by being a really big part of them, and them being a big part of us.”