If you have difficulties in your business with:

  • who does what;
  • staff not taking responsibility and ownership;
  • inefficiency in workflows and workloads; or
  • reliance on the owner or manager being there 100% of the time ...

it may be that your organisational and job structures need fine-tuning. 


Using a functionality analysis tool, we graphically display allocation of work duties and responsibilities within your team. We then work with you to identify areas of inefficiency, double-ups and gaps, as well as areas that are reliant on individuals. 

This gives you a clear vision of how to streamline your operation and ensure succession planning for key functional areas.


The position description acts in two ways – it sets the expectation of what a person will do in their job and enhances your corporate image during the recruitment process.

We help you write position descriptions which clearly state areas of responsibility, duties, performance expectations and the skills, experience and attitudes required to succeed. 

To convey an effective message during recruitment, we also reflect your culture, values and objectives in the template.


What Our Clients Say ...

Focus HR have assisted us in a complete HR audit and overhaul, including writing of position descriptions, set up pay rate charts, created Contracts of Employment, conducted staff surveys, performance appraisals, etc.  Their great counsel and recommendations has helped shape the formation of our Company's HR practices. Naomi has a great rapport with people and is very professional about her dealings with everyone and shows a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and passion for HR. I have no hesitation to commend the services of Focus HR.

Don Frost, General Manager Tilly's Crawler Parts