Staff Performance

  • Are you getting 100% output from your staff?
  • Do your staff know how their job makes a difference to business performance?
  • Have you set goals and targets at a business, team and individual level?
  • Do you regularly review and give feedback on your staff's performance?
  • Are your staff paid in a way that motivates performance?

If you answer ‘No’ to any of these questions, your HR practices may need adjusting to increase your staff performance. This will directly affect the bottom line performance of your business.


A clear, concise understanding of what needs to be achieved for your business success is essential.

If every team member knew exactly what to do and how this contributed to the organisation’s performance, imagine how much more focused they could be. Imagine the results on your business!

We take you through a series of steps designed to set your goals, objectives and KPIs at all levels – organisation, team and individual. And then we talk about how you will make them a reality!


Performance feedback systems are one of the most powerful HR tools available. High performance businesses have effective feedback systems embedded in their culture.

Your performance feedback system isn’t just about formal meetings with staff once a year. Effective feedback systems are: 

  • Two-way
  • Ongoing
  • Constructive
  • Motivating
  • Coaching

We work with you to identify what ‘high performance’ means for you and your staff and how it can be measured. 

We then design the tools that you need to review and give feedback on performance: performance appraisal documents; training for managers, supervisors and staff; feedback agendas and schedules; procedural checklists and recording systems.


There are times when your staff may need ‘realignment’ in their performance or behaviour. 

This is an area which is complicated by constantly changing industrial relations laws and the high risk that, if you handle it the wrong way, you could end up in legal difficulty.

Successfully handling performance and behavioural issues comes from a simple, systematic approach based on fairness, firmness and thoroughness.

We help you to navigate the minefield that is performance management using tools such as: 

  • Policies, guidelines and templates for counselling, discipline and termination
  • Training for your supervisors and managers in effective performance management
  • Supporting your performance management processes as your HR Partner advice (non-legal) on a case-by-case basis when you face performance issues.

We all know that pay isn’t the only motivator, but it is an important one! The way you structure your employees’ pay can impact greatly on their performance.

We work with you to ensure that your remuneration strategy is both cost-effective for the business and has maximum impact on staff motivation, through:

  • Linking remuneration decisions to performance appraisals
  • Commission or incentive-based pay
  • Remuneration matrices based on responsibility, qualifications, skills and behaviours.

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