strategy workshops.

Learn how to set ambitious, achievable goals.

Strategic planning is about assessing the current state of play, reflecting, and looking ahead all at once. It’s about getting out of the everyday and getting into a strategic mindset so the short, medium and long term goals you set are setting your business up for success.

Strategic planning helps your team focus, get aligned and put aside the the fires that might be causing distraction for the team today. It’s about getting the foundations right that helps your team understand what the business is about, why and where it’s going.

This involves articulating your vision, purpose and the values you want the team to live by every day.

Our suite of strategic planning workshops is designed to help you build bold strategies that will result in a more robust business.

The Workshops

These practical, interactive workshops are ideal for supervisors and managers across any industry.


Choose from the following workshops:

Group Strategy Program

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This program is specifically tailored for SMEs and brings together owners and senior managers from different businesses (in non-competing industries) to plan and execute winning business strategies. Our experienced facilitators will guide you through the strategic planning process and set your team up for success with realistic action plans, customised to your business and guaranteed to deliver real outcomes.

90 Day Plan Workshop

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If you’re looking to dip your toe in the water with strategic planning before deep diving into a longer-term strategy, the 90-day strategy workshop is for you.

The impact of an effective 90-day business strategy cannot be overstated for business owners. It provides a structured approach to time and resource management, prioritising of challenges and ensures that efforts align with overarching business goals. By setting clear objectives and key results for the next 90 days, companies can foster focus and drive within their teams. In a time-poor environment, a 90-day strategy can be the quick-start option your team needs to focus on what’s important.

Start your strategy journey and boost your small business growth with our transformative 90-day Business Strategy Workshop. Gain the tools and insights to align and focus your team, navigate challenges, optimise operations, and unleash your full potential in a competitive market.

Destination Postcard Workshop

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Strategic planning requires reflection, clarity of direction and identifying your business priorities for the year ahead.

During this FREE 2-hour workshop, we’ll fast-track you through some of the key elements of the strategic planning process so you can walk away with confidence on your business priorities for the next 12 months.

Rapid Start to Strategy Workshop

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Getting the foundations of your strategy right is critical to having a strategy that actually works. Without the foundations, the rest of the strategy is likely to fall flat. This workshop is all about discovering and embedding the foundations so your strategy and business can thrive. This includes discovering and articulating your vision, purpose, values and moonshot goals and you can expect to see more team alignment and more effective decision-making from your leaders.

It’s not magic or mystery and having helped hundreds of SMEs with their strategy, we know that our process and system work.

Rockefeller Habits Workshop

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Do your team struggle to run effective meetings? Having trouble executing on big projects?

The Rockefeller Habits are the 10 key habits that empower business leaders to execute their strategy more effectively. In this workshop we’ll step your team through what the habits are, how they work, relevant examples of what they look like in the workplace and a clear action plan for you to start implementing them immediately.

Dedicated Strategy Program

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Our strategy program is an engaging process of strategic thinking and execution planning for your team. The program includes a strategic planning workshop where we identify your business goals and priorities, potential roadblocks and come up with solutions. Solely dedicated for your business, we customise the strategic planning and execution process to suit your needs and ensure your team can hit the ground running.