“While cancer exists, we will diminish its impact.”

If there is a powerful vision to ever feel connected with, this is it.

It’s the vision of Toowoomba’s not-for-profit organisation, Hope Horizon, which provides much-needed holistic cancer care, community support and services for our community.

We, at Focus HR, are proud to work closely with the team at Hope Horizons. We have led Hope Horizon’s strategy workshops for the past 3 years to help them design and map out where they are going.

As part of this process, we workshopped and developed their new vision statement, to align with their wider strategy.

In business, your vision statement serves as a roadmap of sorts. It’s an inspiring reminder of what you are working toward, which is easy to lose sight of when you’re bombarded with the day-to-day.

That is why, when this vision became clear during Hope Horizon’s strategy workshop, the entire room had a powerful ‘ah-ha’ moment.

A good vision statement will align the whole team and ensure everyone is on the same page and the steps required along the way to the overarching moonshot goal.

So, what makes a good vision?

Alistair Green, Focus HR’s Director and Business Strategy expert, facilitates our tailored business strategy workshops and group business strategy programs.

Below, Alistair has provided his five tips on how to create a tailored and strong vision statement:

  • Be concise: This is not the place for fluff statements. It should be simple, easy to read and cut to the essentials, so that it can be set to memory and be repeated accurately.
  • Be clear: A good rule of thumb for clarity is to focus on one primary goal, rather than a scattering of ideas. One clear objective is also easier to focus on and achieve.
  • Be future-oriented: The vision statement is not what the company is presently engaged in but rather a future objective where the company plans to be.
  • Be challenging: Don’t be timid in setting your goals. Your objective shouldn’t be too easy to achieve, but also it shouldn’t be so unrealistic as to be discarded.
  • Be inspiring: Live up to the title of the statement and create something that will rally the troops and be desirable as a goal for all those involved in the organisation.

If you would like assistance in establishing your tailored vision statement and business strategy, click here for more information.

Alternatively, we run group business strategy programs twice per year.  We have intakes in January and July for a limited number of participants.

The program is in a group format, very much by design, and we bring together owners and senior managers from five different businesses, in non-competing industries, and guide participants through strategic planning and then execution.

To learn more about the programs or to express interest in our next intake click here.

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