– Rikki Gainey, Team & Culture Consultant

I have always been a “people person”. My strong belief is that the people that we choose to surround ourselves with, in work or in life can have a significant impact on us and how we respond to situations. With the rise of AI and the need for face-to-face connection becoming less and less, it was pleasing to read this article along with supporting statistics that were produced from a recent a survey conducted by Wiley Workplace Intelligence.

Living in a world where tech is taking over, it’s easy to forget the magic of human connection. AI might make things efficient, but it can’t beat face-to-face chats. Those in-person office conversations are not just about words; they’re about the energy, the body language, the facial expressions – something that AI just can’t do for us. At work, these connections are gold. They’re what make teams tick, ideas flow, and leadership shine. So, while tech keeps advancing, it’s important to remember what really matters – people.

Now, more than ever before we are seeing the need for teams to actively work on understanding each other. By fostering genuine connections among team members, we can leverage the unique perspectives and insights that only humans can offer. This not only enhances collaboration and communication but also ensures that AI solutions are implemented thoughtfully and effectively.

Our DiSC for Workplace workshops provide valuable insights into individual communication preferences and behavioural tendencies. By understanding your own style and learning to adapt to others’, you can enhance your interpersonal skills and strengthen relationships, both personally and professionally. Speak to us today about how to get started on this journey of human dynamics and practical strategies for improving communication and collaboration.

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