Rikki Gainey.

Junior Consultant & Client Services Coordinator

With a personal theme song like ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen we are sure Rikki is going to be an incredible member of the Focus HR team!

Rikki is our Junior Consultant and Client Services Coordinator and loves working with like-minded clients to achieve great outcomes for their businesses. Her belief that a great culture is integral to the success of any organisation certainly ticks the boxes when it comes to the values we so fiercely uphold here at Focus HR.

Having lived in Toowoomba since 2009, Rikki is now raising her children here, enjoying the leafy parks and the many options for dining out. A medium-rare steak and salad is a favourite meal so we know she will fit in perfectly with our team of dedicated foodies!

A background in legal services and healthcare has equipped Rikki with a fantastic HR skill-set and we look forward to her building relationships with our amazing clients.



‘Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.’


Contact Rikki

07 4765 3456

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