Hayley Atkins.

Client Services Coordinator

Hayley loves working with good people to help good people, so we know she is in the right place!

Finding the glow of dawn and dusk exciting and peaceful at the same time is a great analogy for Hayley’s calm demeanour and determination to enjoy life! It also explains her choice of colour for her role at Focus HR – dusty pink with a strike of black.

Apart from enjoying discovering everything Toowoomba-life has to offer, Hayley’s love of her partner’s cooking and the fact that she believes ‘red wine and cheese = life’ make Hayley a perfect fit for the Focus HR team.

Given the chance, Hayley would tell her younger self ‘don’t fight what makes your heart sing’. She looks forward to continuing her professional development and using those skills in her role as our Client Services Coordinator. We are so pleased Hayley has decided to join our team!


‘The squat is the perfect analogy for life, it’s about standing back up after something heavy takes you down.’


Contact Hayley

07 4765 3456

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