I walked into this meeting with a notepad full of questions. I think my biggest hesitation, or the things that I thought would hold us back from achieving the 4DW was our ability to effectively value and manage our time, planning our capacity and workload for coming months, finding the opportunities to continually learn, and meeting our clients’ expectations. After hearing the questions put forward from other team members it was nice to see that we were all on the same page – we wanted to give this a go, but it needed to done right, our way, the Focus HR way. We would do it as a team – if one person didn’t succeed then we all didn’t succeed, no blame, it just meant it simply didn’t work for our team and we would go back to the drawing board.

At this stage I was more excited than I was nervous, and I think that came down to trusting the members of my team. It was about knowing every single person would put in as much effort as I would to ensure our goal was achievable and worked for everyone. So, from here we made a roadmap. Our roadmap was a trial period which implemented what we like to call a Clayton’s Gift Day. To put it simply we do not get the fifth day off, however, we spend it working on our assets to ensure we were building the best foundations for us to effectively be able to have the fifth day off. I was interested to see what the next three months held and if each of us could stay true to the guidelines we set.

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