When we were first introduced to the idea of the 4 Day Week I was excited at the concept, and my first thought was if we ever did it I wouldn’t take a whole day off at once, but would try and split my time during the week and leave work early on a number of days.

This would be for a number of reasons – one because it still allowed me to touch base at the office each day, but it would also allow me to be there for my daughter three afternoons per week, and get home at a decent time after work.

However, as we started really discussing the concept and realising that it could potentially become a reality, digging into the finer details of how made me nervous. Would all the road blocks we were discovering mean it wouldn’t work? And would we really be able to work only four days and ensure we continued providing the same service to our clients and productivity output/? The concept of cutting back to 80% work time and not just adding extra hours onto four days was a complex one for me to get my head around.

I love the process the entire team went through pulling all these concerns and thoughts apart and creating a plan first before diving in. This ensured we were all ready for what it would look like, and gave us a greater chance of succeeding in the implementation of the four day week.

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