I finally worked up the guts to share the concept of a 4DW with Scott while we drove north for a family holiday.

Why did I need to work up to it?  Because I know he would be fully sceptical, I think I feared to the point of ridicule or scoffing. At a minimum, I expected disbelief.

And disbelief was accurate – but once I’d laughed through that with him (literally we laughed until he got that out of his system) and said I needed him to just listen and be open, we got somewhere.  I don’t think I’ve got him fully convinced or converted, but at least open.

His immediate reaction was similar to the team and he agreed with Al’s words – I might not be a good candidate for this. And he was immediately protective in his response that I needed to be sure that this didn’t mean I took on more.

Just talking about it helps to solidify and work through my own concerns, fear, excitements – all of it.  We talked about how awesome it would be on the simplest of practical levels to have a day where I could chose to spend my time – it could be on things like writing the book, writing blogs, or other business opportunities; it could also be on having a family long weekend; getting gardening done; or even on getting a head start on the washing to free up the weekend – or a combination of any of the above 🙂

I’m still challenged by how I’m going to do it, but am getting more and more able to visualise actually doing it – surely that is a step in the right direction.  Although some would argue that writing a blog about a 4DW designed to give better balance, while on family holidays is two steps backwards :):) I beg to differ!

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