Now that we have been doing the 4 Day Week for a number of months I can honestly love it and wouldn’t want to go back. The benefits for me personally and the benefits I see in the rest of the team are just too great.

I have been given the flexibility to finish work early three days a week, rather than having one whole day off. I can now enjoy time with my daughter on those three afternoons, picking her up from school, helping her with homework, watching her our of school activities and just being at home with her.

It also allows some of the odd jobs around the house to be done to free up our weekends for greater family time. I also love the consideration all of us in the team now have for each other, ensuring all time spent in the office is meaningful and not wasted, We are all so much more aware that we don’t leave extra work to be picked up by our team when we are away.

Ultimately it is a great privilege to work for a company like Focus HR that is willing to offer this to their team, and to see the benefits it can truly make to the business and each of us personally.

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