Clayton’s Gift Days have been interesting to say the least, finding the willpower to not just respond to that query from clients or answering a quick question email from my team has been a challenge. I think we are all still navigating finding the balance between being available for clients and meeting their expectations, whilst also achieving our internal goals. I know it is still something I am working on, but in saying that it’s forced me to plan ahead even further that what I do now. I think it has also taught us a lesson in how valuable our time is and the ability to set realistic time frames for clients when we are at capacity. Having one day a week to work on my internal projects has been immensely valuable, I am ticking items off my list left, right and centre and it feels good. It feels like we are moving forward rather than going around in circles.

So, you are probably wondering where my mind sits currently – well to be honest I am proud of how hard we are all working to make this happen – we are sticking true to our roadmap whilst supporting each other throughout this experience. I truly believe we as a team of 7 can make this happen and that the hard work we are putting in now will be worth it in the end. I am looking forward to seeing the milestones we hit at the end of the trial period and hopefully we win our golden trophy of having a fifth day off!

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