From Parenthood To Bosshood

Parents generally concur that taking the leap into parenthood brings much second guessing, guilt trips and agonising over our decisions and actions.  Oh, and let’s not forget the regret that we didn’t get a degree in child psychology before we took the leap.

Funnily enough, being a ‘boss’ is kind of similar.  We constantly worry if we said the right thing, whether what we’ve done will motivate or demotivate and sometimes, just sometimes, whether it is all worth it. Oh, and I still sometimes want that psychology degree to feel I have a hope of understanding how the human mind and emotions work!

Fundamentally, I believe if we approach all people, from our children to those we surround ourselves with at work, in the same way, we are on the right track.  

I don’t mean treat people like babies. 

What I mean is to take opportunities encourage others, give them a hand up when they need it and let them learn from falling too.  Comfort and reassure at the right time but also recognise when someone needs to be accountable for their actions, learn from mistakes and develop resilience.  Help guide them through the tough decisions they are not yet ready to make, but don’t helicopter parent/manage with no scope for autonomy, imagination or innovation.

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns.  Just like going to mothers group and discovering you’re not the only one twisting yourself into a mental pretzel, it can help to have peers and confidantes in business who lend an objective ear and measured opinion.  Surround yourself with these to build your own resilience as a ‘boss’.

If you don’t know where to start or who to turn to, feel free to give us a call on 4765 3456 or drop into the office at 277 Hume Street. Our Facebook will also give you pointers, tips or just a good laugh!