Modern Award Updates

The Fair Work Commission has updated 3 Modern Awards with temporary Covid-19 clauses.

Fair Work has released updates to a number of Modern Awards and more are likely to come.  These Covid-19 related changes are designed to give greater flexibility to working arrangements in light of the changing landscape of how employees are engaged.

At this point 3 Awards have had temporary Schedules added: the Clerks Private Sector Award; the Hospitality Industry (General) Award; and the Restaurant Industry Award.

Depending on the Award, the areas amended include:

  • Flexibility in the tasks that employees can be directed to perform
  • The ability to reduce permanent employees’ hours of work (and steps to do this)
  • When an employer can direct an employee to take annual leave
  • A reduction in minimum hours per engagement
  • Changes to span of ordinary hours of work

You can find links to more detailed summaries on our Business Response to Covid-19 page.