When is the right time to outsource HR?

When you start a business, you wear a lot of hats.

Not only are you taking care of the day-to-day operational needs of the business, you are finding time to look after the money, the people, the sales and whatever promotion and networking you can get to between jobs.


And the better you are at doing these tasks, the more demand you create for them. 


Congratulations, your business is growing! 


Of course, as you grow, these tasks become more time consuming. You've lost track of the time you are spending on them during the day, and gone is any semblance of control over your evenings.


You've kissed the dream of downtime goodbye.


Your effectiveness is compromised, and before long you are spending more time keeping on top of these tasks than providing the great service your clients are counting on.


Add to this mix a growing team, and bringing in HR support quickly becomes more of a necessity than a luxury. People issues chew up a lot of time and emotional energy, and they never seem to wait until you have a spare moment.


Of course, if you ask me when the right time to bring in HR support is, I'll answer enthusiastically with lots of exclamation points - From the beginning! HR is good for you and your team! Great HR takes a lot of worry away! Yay, HR!


But the reality is, you'll very likely know when the time is right. Not everyone has the luxury of involving HR from the very start, but when people issues are taking more of your time than you would like, your business will benefit from having a team like ours looking after the details.


Whether it is a contract template that protects you as an employer and provides clarity to your team, or a policy manual that ensures everyone is on the same page with your expectations in the workplace, you'll likely be surprised how quickly and cost-effectively a HR partner can take care of the 'people stuff'. You can choose whether to involve us a little or a lot, according to where you are in your business.


And then, maybe, you can look forward to a little bit of that elusive downtime after all.