When Things Get Chilly (& It’s Nothing to do with the Weather)

With autumn approaching we will soon say ‘good bye’ to long, hot summer days and be looking in the back of the cupboard for a coat and scarf.  As fashionable as scarves may be, it should only be the weather that calls for this dress wear and not the temperature of your workplace.

When a sudden, unexpected (metaphorically speaking) arctic blast rips though your work environment – besides ding in your office and turning up the heat, what do you do?

At Focus HR, we believe what you need to do is get really good at having powerful, robust discussions.  So often people shy away from ‘conflict’ as it is viewed as negative.  I challenge all workplaces to look at conflict, when handled in the right way, as a highly effective way to attain the exceptional!

Rather than allowing poorly managed conflict to have a negative impact on your teams’ health, productivity and morale; look for ways to build a culture of healthy disagreement, robust discussion and respectfully challenging each other to be the best you can be.  You will be amazed at the heights that the team and business can reach.

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