When Alistair first mentioned the idea of a 4 day work week my mind immediately went to longer hours, more work and increased stress and pressure.

I wondered if it was possible – could we achieve the holy grail of the 4 day work week? And if we did, what would we have to give up or sacrifice to get there? Would it mean extending our workdays, giving up social club activities (I was not willing to sacrifice monthly massages) or losing the ability to interact and learn from the team around me. None of this sat well with me. But, on the other hand the idea of having a day for me, a day to do the things that help me to recharge was exciting.  So, in the lead up to the conversations we were to have as a team about the possibility of implementing a 4DW I was a little anxious but interested to know more – the details, what it meant for our team, how is it implemented, how it worked and its success stories.

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