Can you imagine watching the ’22 Birmingham Commonwealth Games if there were no scores; no winners; no medals; no tally board? Just a group of the best athletes in the world at a televised training camp.

Who would watch State of Origin if they didn’t keep score? Imagine each time a player crossed the try line, it didn’t count… They just casually passed the ball to the opposition to restart the game. Yawn!

No, the human condition requires us to keep score. We need to know if we are succeeding, moving forward, progressing, getting things done, or not. Without this instant feedback loop, we lose motivation and productivity turns into drudgery, boredom and busy-ness.

In today’s workplace…

Setting goals; aligning your team on what matters; and tracking team and individual performance are critical leadership activities in every business. Done well, your employees will know what is expected of them, what they need to achieve and how they are performing against the objectives.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were designed exactly for this purpose. Unfortunately, because of poor, incomplete or misguided implementation, KPIs have ended up with a really bad rap.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

KPIs can be the most important metric in businesses, linking the business’s strategic goals to day-to-day activities. Far more powerful than looking in the rear-view-mirror at the end of quarter reports, KPIs give targeted, instant feedback letting the team member know if they are on-track or need to change their course.

The KPI definition that we use is, “a measurable value that shows the progress towards and the likelihood of achieving a business, team or individual objective”.

Join us on the 18th August for a free online webinar to:

  • Learn how to identify the right KPIs for your business
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  • Use our simple process to start developing the right measures for your team
  • Get started with the 75 most common KPIs in business today

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