Walking into this meeting I was in two minds, full of questions and open to the possibilities. By the end of Alistair’s pitch, I felt I had some clarity around what a 4 Day Week was, how it worked and its success. Everyone in the team was feeling optimistic that we may be able to achieve this, we just needed to work out how the 4DW would be implemented into our small, tight-knit team whilst ensuring we were not giving up the things that were non-negotiable to us. It was such a big concept to take in whilst trying to understand how a team of 7 could achieve it. My mind had a blur of questions and admittedly I was still apprehensive.

I am very focused on details; I like a plan. I wanted to see the Focus HR roadmap to a 4DW. So, we decided the next step was to go away and write down our questions. We would then come together and have an all-cards-on-the-table team discussion. It put my mind at ease knowing we weren’t rushing this decision, we were learning, adjusting, and planning as we went. I was interested to see where the next discussion would take us.

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