Did you know employers with 100 or more employees have to submit a report to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency each year?  

The Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 requires non-public sector employers with 100 or more employees to submit a report to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency by 31 May each year. 

This includes:

  • completing an online survey relating to your organisation’s policies, strategies and actions on gender equality; 
  • providing information about your employee movements, including appointments, promotions, resignations and parental leave; and 
  • providing information about workforce composition, salaries and remuneration. 

You need to report if you are a: 

  • Standalone organisations with 100 or more employees in total;
  • Corporate structure with 100 or more employees in total across all entities;
  • Global organisation with 100 or more domestic Australian employees in total across all Australian subsidiaries. (For example, a global corporate structure may have five Australian subsidiaries, each employing 20 employees in Australia, totaling 100 employees across all subsidiaries). 

The headcount applies if you have employed in total 100 or more employees for 6 months or more of a reporting period. These months do not need to be consecutive.

The number is employees is based on a simple headcount of full-time employees, part-time employees, casual employees and temporary (fixed-term) employees. Employers are not to use full-time equivalent calculations. Independent contractors and employees of a labour hire or recruitment organisations are not counted. 

Non-compliant organisations are publicly named and may be subject to sanctions including not being eligible to tender for government contracts, being restricted to trade with government or be blocked from receiving government grants. 

Submissions are via the WGEA Portal which opens on 1 April each year. 

If you think this applies to your business, you can visit https://www.wgea.gov.au/ for more information. 

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